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First of all, SEO stands for search engine optimization. The goal is to help your website rank in the top 3 of Google.

Now imagine you need to find a plumber urgently, you go to Google and type “plumber in Hong Kong” or “best plumber in Hong Kong”, Google will show you 10 websites on the first page. Those 10 websites were chosen by Google because they are very well optimized for SEO! 

As a result, these websites receive the vast majority of views from potential customers. If your website is not SEO friendly then Google will never show it on the 1st page. 

If you want to grow your business, you will need to invest in SEO. Unless you are first already!

Implementing an SEO strategy will also help to build credibility for your brand or business. 

This is a very valid question. The time will depend on several factors such as your current position, the difficulty of the keywords, etc. For example, we have one client (as shown in our case studies) that we ranked first for “best female photographer hong kong” in just 1 week. 

Here is an analogy, imagine you are starting to take tennis lessons, after one week you will hit some balls, and after a couple of months you will be able to play a small match. Later on you will probably win some competitions. SEO is similar, in a few weeks you can see some results but it gets better and better with time. Optimal results are realized with sustained attention.

We can guarantee you something, your website will rank much better in just a few weeks after we start to work on it. We will not force you to sign a yearly contract with us.

  • your website will rank higher in search results 
  • you will have more potential clients visiting your website
  • more visitors often become more sales.
  • brand awareness among the HK population.

Well, to explain this faster we will use some examples. If you own an online shop that sells pet food in Hong Kong, then you would like to be first on Google for “online pet food hong kong” or “buy pet food online hong kong”. Those are KEYWORDS. They are the best phrases to find your website on search engines. We will help you find the best keywords, the ones that bring the most traffic.

If you had hired us to make your website, then we would have built it from the beginning with the best SEO practices.

Most of our clients already have their website created before they hire us. This is NOT a problem, we will work on your website optimization, applying our expertise so that you rank on the 1st page of Google – fast…

PPC is when you pay google to advertise your website, you pay per each click you get. 

We can create a profitable Google Ads campaign for you. 

SEO is a more reliable long term solution for marketing online. Google Ads is a short term solution, if you do not master it, it can cost you a lot more than SEO. Something to take into consideration is that little by little more people are using applications to block ads on their laptops or phones, meaning that if you are exclusively using Adwords, some potential customers will not see your website. 

If you wish to build your business brand and gain web traffic for the long term, SEO is the way to go. If you prefer immediate results, PPC or AdWords is the best for you.

We work with every type of industry you can imagine. Here are some of the most common examples we have in our portfolio:

  • Dentists
  • Lawyers
  • Accounting firms
  • Online shops
  • Health food
  • Wholesalers
  • Restaurants
  • Photographers
  • Educators
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