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    Web Design & SEO Company in Hong Kong

    Safe, white-hat SEO services in English, Chinese and more…

    Google SEO, Google Ads and Google Maps.

    Affordable website design services.


    Caution!! Be aware that some SEO companies in Hong Kong demand their clients to sign one-year contracts. Trusted agencies like Arcopix provide safer, pay-as-you-go services.  Be safe. Hire a white-hat SEO company like Arcopix instead.

    Award Winning SEO agency

    SEO services in Hong Kong

    All the members of our staff in Hong Kong are experts in digital marketing. We are registered Google partners!

    Google-Arcopix SEO

    What is included in our SEO services:

    Our main goal is to bring your website to the top of Google. 
    We provide SEO services in Chinese, English and more languages.

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    SEO services in Hong Kong


    SEO agency in Hong Kong

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    Meet part of our SEO Hong Kong team

    Heller SEO agency specialist hong kong

    IT HEAD – SEO Expert

    MS, Computer Science
    Ecole Polytechnique Savoie

    SEO Hong Kong manager
    Raymond Cheung


    MS, Computer Science
    University of Melbourne

    SEO Hong Kong
    Philippe Le Conte


    MBA Marketing
    University of Cambridge

    Reviews from customers in Hong Kong

    SEO client 1

    “Arcopix delivers results. I was very impressed by their responsiveness, professionalism, and integrity. Mark operates with a focus on the client objectives. Throughout my many conversations with Mark, he remained very professional. Their SEO advertising is pretty affordable, which is a plus. It's the best SEO company Hong Kong has to offer.”

    Victor Lau

    Online Shop

    SEO client 2

    “Couldn't ask for more. Great service. Raymond was really helpful. My website went top 3 for several keywords. He also created a PPC campaign for us. I have been with them for 2 years now. Also, Raymond always replies to my emails very fast, even during the weekend. I highly recommend them”

    Cindy Leung

    Recruitment Agency

    For Baidu SEO services in China:

    We help HK companies grow their revenue

    SEO clients in Hong Kong

    Arcopix SEO services in HK

    ARCOPIX is a full digital marketing company located in Hong Kong, we specialized in SEO and PPC services. We offer SEO in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish and more. 

    Web design for SEO

    At Arcopix we know that Google cares about good designs. We will work to optimize your website, ensuring that it follows all Google guidelines.

    Web Development

    Google prefers when a site loads fast and is perfectly responsive for all devices.

    Digital Marketing

    Our expertise in on Google Optimization. And with Google, content is king. We will improve your UX and average time on site.

    SEO in many languages

    We can work on your SEO in Chinese (traditional & simplified), English, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian and Spanish.

    eCommerce SEO

    eCommerce sites need to be at the very top of Google to prosper. We can work with Shopify, Woocommerce and many more eCommerce websites.

    SEM Help & Support

    You can contact our team 24/7, we reply to emails in less than an hour. Additional you can send us a message on WhatsApp.

    Our clients get consistent results

    Our SEO company implement proven traffic increasing techniques to bring more visitors to your website.


    e-commerce brand SEO and Google Ads

    283% Increase in 12 months
    SEO services in Hong Kong

    SEO project for an healthcare provider

    381% Increase in 12 months
    SEO results - Google Analytics

    Education Business SEO

    8300% Increase in 12 months

    Since 2012—Growing with our clients

    We maintain long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients. We are all in the same boat. If our clients do well, we also do well.

    Arcopix decided that quality and transparency would be our main values. And there is no one better than our clients to tell you about us!

    Please find above some of our clients testimonials. When we started working on their SEO, their initial Google ranking was very low. Most of them were on page 10 of Google. After a couple of weeks of work done by our SEO Hong Kong team, their website started to rank on page 1.

    By now, all of them are on the 1st page, with many keywords ranking FIRST on the search results. We managed to bring them much more traffic and more leads.

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    SEO FAQs:

    What is SEO? Explained simply.

    SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the key to enhancing your website’s visibility. The primary objective is to secure a coveted spot among the top 3 results on Google for your primary keywords.

    Consider this scenario: an urgent need for a plumber arises, and you turn to Google, typing in queries like “plumber in Hong Kong” or “plumber near me.” The first page of Google displays 10 websites carefully selected by the search engine. What sets these websites apart? Their exceptional SEO optimization!

    These top-ranking websites attract the majority of potential customers, as Google deems them highly relevant and user-friendly. Without SEO-friendly practices, your website may never make it to the coveted first page, missing out on valuable visibility and potential customers. Ensure your website is optimized for SEO to unlock its full potential.

    Do I need to hire an SEO company for my HK business?

    If you want your business to grow in Hong Kong, consider investing in SEO. Creating and using an SEO strategy helps build trust for your brand or business. Just having a website isn’t enough; a whopping 93% of all websites don’t get any organic traffic. To get people to visit your webpage, organic search is the way to go, and that’s where SEO comes in handy.

    Compared to other ways of marketing, SEO gives you a good bang for your buck – it’s budget-friendly and effective. Arcopix, a Hong Kong SEO agency, can help you reach your digital marketing goals quickly. If you need help with Google penalty issues, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today to give your business a boost!

    How soon can I reach Google's 1st page?

    It’s a valid question, and the answer depends on various factors like your current ranking and keyword competitiveness.

    Here’s a simple analogy: Imagine learning tennis. After a week, you hit some balls; in a couple of months, you can play a small match, and eventually, you might win competitions. SEO works similarly. You’ll see good results in a few weeks, improving over time.

    With our SEO efforts, we can guarantee a significant improvement in your website’s ranking within a couple of weeks. Our HK digital marketing company pledges a 50% boost in your current ranking in the first two weeks. For instance, if you’re at position 60 on Google now, we’ll get you to position 30 in just two weeks.

    Moreover, at Arcopix, we don’t tie you into any long-term contracts.

    What are the benefits of doing SEO?

    • Enhanced Search Engine Visibility: Boost your ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more.
    • Increased Website Traffic: Secure a spot on Google’s first page to attract potential clients and generate web traffic.
    • Sales Boost: More website visitors often translate into increased sales opportunities.
    • Global and Local Brand Recognition: Elevate your brand awareness not only among Hong Kong residents but also on a global scale.

    Arcopix offers top-notch SEO services in HK at affordable prices, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

    What are keywords and why do they matter?

    In a nutshell, keywords are the specific terms people use when searching online. Let’s break it down with an example. Suppose you run an online pet food store in Hong Kong. Your ideal keywords would likely be “online pet food Hong Kong” or “buy pet food online Hong Kong.” These are the phrases potential customers use to find your website on search engines—these are your KEYWORDS.

    Identifying the right keywords is crucial. We’ll assist you in pinpointing the most effective keywords that will drive the maximum traffic to your website.

    When to begin SEO: Before or after website creation?

    Choosing us to build your website means incorporating the best SEO practices right from the start.

    However, if your website is already built when you hire us, no worries! We specialize in optimizing existing websites. Our expertise ensures that, with our dedicated efforts, your site will swiftly climb to the 1st page of Google.

    At Arcopix, we excel in SEM and Search Engine Optimization, guaranteeing effective strategies regardless of when you decide to kickstart your SEO journey.

    What is pay per click or Google Ads?

    PPC, or Pay Per Click, is a digital marketing strategy where you pay Google to showcase your website in search engine results. With PPC, you pay for each click your ad receives. It’s also known as SEA (Search Engine Advertising), and it’s among the most popular digital marketing methods.

    At Arcopix, we provide budget-friendly packages for PPC and Google Ads campaign management in HK, ensuring your business gets optimal visibility and results.

    SEO Hong Kong vs. Google Ads: Choosing the right strategy

    SEO stands out as a reliable, long-term solution for online marketing. It offers sustained visibility over time.

    In contrast, Google Ads provides a quick, short-term solution. However, if not managed effectively, it can become costly. It’s essential to note that more people are using ad-block applications, potentially limiting the reach of Google Ads.

    Our SEO consultants specialize in lifting your website to the first page of Google, ensuring sustained visibility. If your goal is to build your brand and secure long-term web traffic, SEO is the ideal choice. For immediate results, consider PPC or Google Ads.

    Additionally, explore Google Display Advertising services in HK to enhance your marketing efforts and boost sales.

    SEO Hong Kong and Google Ads projects

    Google penalty removal services:

    Any SEO Hong Kong related questions?

    We are always happy to speak with new company owners in the area. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any Google Ads or Search Engine Optimization related questions.

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